Thanks for checking this out! This doc has an overview of engineering hiring at Warp, specifically:

Good-fit engineers for Warp

There are a few things in particular that indicate good-fit at Warp

  1. Generalists: We don’t hire for a particular tech stack. Rust experience is great, but not necessary — most of us have learned Rust at Warp.
  2. Product & user orientation: We hire engineers whose first question is always “what’s the user problem / pain point” we are trying to solve for. See https://thezbook.com/code-first-vs-product-first. We don’t currently have a PM, so engineers end up driving a lot of the product process.
  3. Developer-focused: We are looking for engineers that are passionate about improving the lives of developers.
  4. Small-company orientation: Engineers who want to be at an early stage startup. That tends to favor engineers who like working across a lot of the stack, who like tackling different kinds of features, who are OK with priorities changing, who are OK with risk.
  5. Nice people: Our company values honesty and pragmatism, and we value reasonable conversation. We want friendly, nice people.
  6. Diverse and interesting backgrounds. We are trying to build developer tools that work for all developers, and believe we will be more successful if our team consists of engineers from different backgrounds, with different perspectives and experiences.

Our interview process

Overall process

  1. An initial Zoom call where we go over the basics of our product, company, roadmap and culture. We also want to learn about you, your interests and career goals, and see if there’s a good match with what we are looking for in an engineer.
  2. A second phone call with an engineer on the Warp team which includes a short coding exercise to assess general programming and problem-solving ability, as well as time to discuss what it’s like working at Warp and get a live demo of the product.
  3. A ~3-hour technical session, details below.**
  4. A 1-hour product session, details below.**
  5. A chat with our Talent Lead about final next steps
  6. A couple reference checks